The Specifications of CashCoin

Name : CashCoin
Ticker Code : CASH
Started : 02/01/2014
Algorithm : Scrypt
PoS starts at 10% Stake
PoW/PoS Hybrid
Block Reward : variable
Difficulty Retarget : Quality difficulty readjustment

Cash Coin & the future of money

To quickly transact with a dynamic unit of measure with expansive utility, searchable authenticity, and dichotemous nature and anonymity. Branded Cash – Attach purpose, Artistic expression, a call to action, a physical security, ambiguity, or trasparency to your means of trade. To give the little means of the creative or genuine poor potentially dynamic power, exceding the stagnant manipulated value of the multiplied storehouses of the Rich. Cash Coin offers you a better alternative to other Digital currencies. A low supply makes for a very high value potential. Cash Coin is the only Digital currency that allows you to Print your own Cash. Cash Coin is at the forefront of world changing technologies that will eliminate central banks and free the masses from their tyranny. The Dollar will disappear shortly and we will no longer calculate our economy in terms of Billions or Trillions of USD.

Print your own cash? That’s the plan

The PRINT YOUR OWN CASH Technology will allow you to Print customized Cash certificates for trading. Imagine you can print your own customized CASH with unique features that can be verified on the block chain. Plus with CASH there is not a need for a computer or a cell phone and you can still spend your crypto currency when your certificates have a trusted CASH Reputation in your circle of traders. With the added benefit of anonymity, your transactions can be secure and block chain verified without giving away personal information.

50 Milions

Total Coins

60 seconds

Block Time

25 Block

Block Confirmations


Earn an extra 10% Yearly just holding!

  • First:Purchase Cash Coin

  • Contact: Fibonaccicoins@cashcoin.cash

    OR purchase bitcoin and transfer it to one of the exchanges trading Cash Coin.

  • Sign up an account

    AND search for CASH markets purchasable with bitcoin

  • Download the wallet

    AND keep the coins for 36 days

  • Finally

    Go to the help menu, debug, console, enter “walletpassphrase 3600 ” and you get 1% bonus CASH every 1/10th a year (every 36 days) for a total of 10% yearly reward