• 2014


    Cash Coin Launched – A simple scrypt currency paying a ten percent yearly holding incentive.

  • 2016

    The supply of Windows and Linux wallets


  • 2017 & 2018

    Key Developers pick up the Cash name

    New Exchanges added

    More blockchain tech Security and anonymity enhancements – beginning of the development of the Custom Cash Certificates

  • 2019

    CashCoin Giftcards and Creditcards

    The PRINT YOUR OWN CASH Technology will allow you to Print customized Cash certificates for trading.
    Imagine you can print your own customized CASH with unique features that can be verified on the block
    chain. Plus with CASH there is not a need for a computer or a cell phone and you can still spend your
    crypto currency when your certificates have a trusted CASH Reputation in your circle of traders. With
    the added benefit of anonymity, your transactions can be secure and block chain verified without giving
    away personal information.

    CashCoin Giftcards and Credit card like features